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fUnc Mousepad
(sole distributor of China and Japan Market)

- sole distributor of China and Japan Market.

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SuperSkids for 300 size Helicopters
( Sole Distributor of Asian Market)

SuperSkids? is the leader in landing gear technology. Makes your landing gear almost indestructible. Makes your helicopter stronger and more ridged - it flies better.
                               International Resellers please contact us.
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If you loved House of the Dead? the movie, then this gun will be sure to satisfy your craving for shooting the dead. The new standard for PC shooting games. It works great with House of the Dead 2 by Sega. It will blow you away with its pixel
                               accuracy and sleek pistol grip.

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ACT LABS Racing system
ACT LABS is redesigning and improving our award winning Force RS Racing System this year! GPL Shifter 2006 is the first product and is now available. We are working hard to design the pedals and wheels again. Click on the below and
                               experience our newly redesigned version in the New Sim Racers
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