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SuperSkids™ is the leader in landing gear technology. We use only the highest quality parts and injection molding, and the most advanced engineering technology. The SuperSkids kit includes almost unbreakable landing gear and mounts. The tough aluminum alloy landing skids have a beautiful anodized finish, and there are strong spring steel struts to add support to the tail boom and make your helicopter more rigid. The new battery tray even accommodates large LiPoly batteries and is fully adjustable so you can set your center of gravity perfectly, and the included antenna tube gives you a better option for routing your antenna. There's also a stylish tail wing and a new, functional vertical tail fin that reinforces the existing carbon fiber tail strut and includes a bead to stop the tail strut from digging into the ground or your floor, greatly reducing the chance of breaking the strut or your tail rotor. You'll spend less time repairing your helicopter and more time flying it. SuperSkids includes all this for the amazingly low price of only $27.95, and they'll look great on your helicopter. It's no wonder many of our customers have called SuperSkids "The best upgrade you can buy for your micro helicopter."


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